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Certifitrac Benefits

  • User Friendly

    • Easy to use Window multi-document interface.

    • Scanning option will read all currently circulated ACORD 25 forms.

    • Searchable Vendors\contractors.

    • Configurable Alerts on expiring Certificates of Insurance, Contracts or Bonds.


  • Rapid Deployment

    • Installs in minutes.

    • Uses existing Microsoft SQL Server database or SQL Server Express.


  • Operations Effiency

    • Configure Letters of Deficiency, No Certificate and Renews to run automatically.

    • Organize Vendors\Contractors by Group, Project, Department or Location.

    • Full Audit capabilities.


  • Compliancy 

    • Immediately determine whether a vendor\contractor is compliant.

    • Track master agreements and contracts


  • Scalable Pricing Model

    • Several versions to fit your needs and budget.

    • Quickly and easily scale to next version.

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