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Leading the way company's manage and track insurance certificate compliancy.  Technology updates and market demands drives the evolution of our solutions.


Years of Insurance Certificate Scanning Experience  Developed in 1992, Certifitrac+ originated as a market leading solution for managing certificates of insurance compliance.  Certifitrac is built upon the latest proven technology and can run on your desktop computer or office network.    In 2011, CSit Group purchased Certiftrac+ from DataTracPlus, LLC.    This aquistion in 2011 brought a new level of service to Certifitrac customers by combining software and services to support to continued plan for growth and service offerings.   

Solution Overview

Corporations and governments operating in today’s environment cannot afford exposure to business partners who are uninsured or under insured. However, the process of manually collecting, tracking, and evaluating certificates is time consuming, labor intensive, and expensive. 



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