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Certifitrac Products

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Our Certifitrac line of products and add in modules are designed to fit nearly every need and budget. Each Certifitrac base application is easily upgradable to the next version just by paying the difference in costs. No data conversion or re-installation to deal with. Each version includes: 

-25 base reports

-Ability to setup user logins and roles

-Track up to 8 insurance coverages

-Ability to change the labeling on the forms

-Entity Search Capabilities

-Forecast certificate expirations

-Insurance Broker or Business configurations

Annual support is offered for each of our products which entitles you to unlimited technical and end user support as well as program updates.



CertifiTracWeb is our full-featured certificate of insurance tracking Cloud offering.  This solutions comes with complete with all of the features of Certifitrac+ plus OCR Scanning. No Long term contracts, Month to Month service available. Discounts available on annual rates.


CertifiTrac+ is a full-featured certificate of insurance tracking software for businesses, governments, construction companies, and insurance brokers. Versions of the software have been customized to meet risk management needs in each of these industries. The ultimate goal in any version is automated document management with accurate and extensive exposure information.


Standard  Certifitrac features:

  • Easy processing with one-time entry of certificates of insurance.

  • Allows for different insurance requirements for different groups of insureds.

  • Evaluate certificate compliance against these requirements.

  • Tracks for compliance of additional insured, 30-day notice of cancellation, etc.

  • Generates both custom and standard letters to insureds.

  • Generates exception reports sorted by deficiency and by insured.

  • Track AMBest requirement and compliance for insurance companies.

  • User licenses for up to ten (10) users.

  • Scanning will significantly improve certificate entry process, adding speed and accuracy to the data entry. In addition, scanning will maintain an image of the certificate within the database for easy viewing.


Government Version


Property Manager Version


Construction Version


Configuration Options:

Certifitrac Desktop

Designed for one user/workstation and manages certificates of insurance for up to 250 Insureds. It is a condensed version of CertifiTrac+ that does not require SQL Server and includes the expiration notifications and deficiency reports with many other functions to make tracking easy. Plus, it's upgradeable to CertifiTracLite or CertifiTrac+


CertifiTrac Desktop features: 


- track up to 250 Insureds
- single user/workstation
- create different insurance requirements for different groups of insureds
- evaluate certificate compliance with the requirements
- tracks additional insured requirements, 30-day notice of cancellation, and more
- composes expiration notifications that appear on the screen or areemailed
- deficiency reports
- upgradeable


Certifitrac Enterprise
  • The Enterprise version supports unlimted number of users and insureds .  

  • Includes the CertifiScan Server and Web Reporting Module

Certifitrac Lite

CertifiTracLite provides all of the basic features of CertifiTrac+, including letters to noncompliant Insureds and up-to-the minute exposure reports, but is designed for up to three (3) licensed users and manages certificates of insurance for up to 500 Insureds. It can be upgraded to CertifiTrac+. 


CertifiTracLite features:

  • Track up to 500 Insureds

  • Single user or up to three users

  • Create different insurance requirements for different groups of insureds

  • Evaluate certificate compliance with the requirements

  • Tracks additional insured requirements, 30-day notice of cancellation, and more

  • Composes expiration notifications that appear on the screen or areemailed

  • Deficiency reports

  • Upgradeable

  • Operates as a Windows Service monitoring files directories and\or email accounts for TIF\PDF formated documents to process.

CertifiScan Server
Web Reporting
  • This module enables you to publish any or all standard Certifitrac reports over an Intranet\Internet web server.

  • Secure access is configured within Certifitrac.

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